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An Inception (A Dream)

With the trouble n my head, stress in heart and depressed brain, I was walking out in a village. It was no other than the place where I was brought up. I still remember how I used to play in the meadow, enchanted by my calf Tawzom. I remember how his mother used to be a rarest cow that obeys while he was a stern opposite. Nevertheless dreaming about them is a dream come true.  In a meadow, I was running home. I knew I had works to do. Yet the meadow never seemed to end. I ran and only thing that savored my running was the glistening forehead with sweat and scorching sun above. 

I waited under a tree. The temptation to get the watermelon from nearby Meme Rinchen’s garden was nearing my glottis yet I remained silent. For a moment I saw my late mother. In dilemma, I was wondering even in dream, a part of my consciousness says that she passed away; yet how possible when she was luring around me as if she wanted me something from me.  I just couldn’t resist her presence without any words f…

A mother in Mother’s Place

When life beacons its bad beauty You sworn away yet left you in choices lost. Tries grasping its beauty; but choices are not for you For it is your destiny; clings unto hope though with despair overwhelmed.
A car without fuel, laptop with internet disconnected and kitchen with pots unfilled Welcomes you in the bend that life offers, a turn which awaits long And through the blue shades you look at sun, it blends but not all rays Yet accepts you; for this is the choice you made
A ray of hope, a mother in mother’s place; Thanks to you my benign Aunty Pem Should you see the cute smile from my kid wearing a nice shirts and pants? Yet that’s the only gratitude they can offer you, know them well.
My car has fuel to run, used I the half of which you gave Crackers for my kid’s breakfast; used quarter of what is left Feasts by them like Oliver Twist in his orphanage Luring around; I cannot but see them grow

The despair that overwhelms, tempts me to lose my equilibrium Yet remain silent, for I want to watch them…