Remote Bangladesh

So it's true! That I didn't learn until late that 'village people are the real practitioner of values and town people only prattle of it'. Fun it was, as it should have been, on a tour to remote Bangladesh with classmates for Clinical Out reach trip. The cry was pretty fowl as rather we found ourselves standing in front of the camera tow so often. The hundreds of acres of tea garden are mesmerizing! The pound with croaks of frogs makes sleep an expensive affair! Well, croaks are no visuals but a displeasing aura! The visual beauty  is the lone moon giving it's blissful rays over the giant silents plains!

In the mood oft; a train whistles it's truncated blow; through the plains of  eternal extension it sways; of meandering yet straightened; on sunken hills a far! Hundreds alike in odd hours! Travel is an inevitable facet of life. But that didn't scared me. On a high up in sky was the vastness of sky, with a glittering forage of busing stars. The Capricorn over-shined!  The overshadowed Nebula, reverencing collage of asteroids and the galaxy afar! I wasn't keen on believing Greek myth of having me in somewhere afar in such a system, but I did dream them never fade! The perfect beauty synchronized in natural serendipity.

The sun lights it's first ray fighting through the foggy atmosphere. Noon ain't no far!. The time is up and it was for us to see the giant plains. The foliage of teas maneuvers every part of Syllhet. The teas are everywhere. The rice plantation surpasses all tea rims. Whats more exotic, is the perfect blend of the two in common unity to serve village people are constant income for all year long. The farming all manual, oft a crew of frail men pounding their lush of muscles against the plains are of great perpetual importance to them. That's because, these are their source of livelihood. The mud doesn't come a clean deed either. The development ushers with Snell's speed. And children aloof without proper education.

Well anyways! Here are the few snaps I have it on while I was away. Have a look.

Boatman waiting for his turn to ferry passenger

Evening view of Jaflong Syllhet, Bangladesh

Plains set ready for plantation

The road in the middle of the village, The electric set up cost $923/ set up

Having a pond is considered significantly well to do in villages

The Tea garden; stretches afar of hundreds of kilometers


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