Written in tribute to His Majesty the 4th Dragon King of Bhutan as a part of 60th Birth Anniversary celebration; an initiative of Royal Bhutanese Embassy, Dhaka; Bangladesh.  

In the mystic Kingdom, of land blessed with the prayers of those long gone!
The last Shangrila- The land of Medicinal Cypress
Lays a tale that’ll resonate for eons from now,
The legend spans, in the life that is yet to be foretold,

Long before the coming, the prophecy revealed!
By the greatest saint of then, Terton Drukdra Dorji
In his prose he read “Oh! The jewel land!
From the mom bearing a central tooth as white as the priceless conch
Will bear a son that is as white, in his heart and out alike
Shall bring eternal peace and prosperity to the Kingdom

As said, the boy was born, unknown to what his fate may bring.
Remarkable birth signs: heavens poured, the rainbows shone
And in its equanimity- the birds chirped in natural uniformity
His younger days had shown; of being a gifted leader

His tutor recalls of what he asked about the magnets pull
And he gave an answer that its magic’s worth
That’s true for his life: It is the true magic
That I for one cannot fathom; neither does any.

At the bare age of 17, he took the golden throne
Across the world the news swoop of being the youngest king!
Sharp and Bright; with his silky hair and tribal side lock
The yellow scarf adorned the beauty of my King!  

Guarding the honor that in his voice ever resounding 
He walked the turf with his head held up high
The Kingdom laughed in the joy of this new beget
They knew he was a gift like no other.

In his remark, on that long gone 2nd June
Gave his concern of hopes for a peaceful nation
One Nation One People-the epitome of his leadership
Gross National Happiness his lasting Legacy

Far the Kingdom came in his reign; breaking the shackles of isolation!
Ferried into many international bodies;
And yet a founding member of SAARC
The plan of half a decade launched! Roads built;
Schools opened with ever more number, water in drought and free health!

Gave his subjects all he could! Taking the kingdom to its highest end!
For the world has seen no other king!
Who fights before his infantry to save them?
Putting our needs before his own
His patriotism, his loyalty and his love
For the Kingdom would never beget such a king again!
Thus, in his son’s words the prayers lay: “The Lion King is special-
 For the kingdom will not beget such a king, our father Jigme Singye Wangchuk,
Our source of inspiration, our true leader, our rays of hope
In this generation or the next”

And in this forlorn room as I pen on you;
Ohh My King, I cannot fathom your deeds.
No pen is ever so mightier; no words ever share your equanimity
No thoughts ever so vast; no rays to ever measure the psalm of your leadership!

And yet I give you in my recites lines a few
“Dear King, your deeds are immeasurable,
You have fulfilled the set prophecy; you are now in every Bhutanese’s heart;
May you live long with all your hopes fulfilled
Mat your actions resonates eons down the line of history
May Palden Drukpa ever shine so beautifully!
Just so peacefully that you have ever dreamt!

Palden Drukpa Lha Gyello!


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