Burning Mid Night Oil

In a darkened room, the light glimmer, 
Wakes up a zombie, concerned
Flipping the books, unknown which to learn.
Checks the clock and 1a.m. 

It is too early; yet not
If yes, awaits in three days
An unprepared trial 
Takes his seat, composed yet stressed. 

Takes his bulky books, 
Starts with hope to finish a subject, 
Uncovered,  lost in amidst of subjects
Finds he in equilibrium lost. 

Goes to kitchen, grabs a mug,
Blackened coffee  to subside his yawn
Back to unfinished revision, it's dawn.
Sleepy, yet perseverance has he. 

Goes to bathroom and shower does he take.
Stomps his breakfast, in a minutes few
Takes a ride to his holly school
Ushered with smiles of cheering friends.

The smiles fake the coming exam, 
Joy of momentary; summoned with worry,
Questions, but one do i ask myself.
Stand where do I ? 
In a mighty class of 39.


  1. exam preparations are always pertaining to such things :)


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