Three more weeks to go without Food

The wit of human nature doesn't comes to an end. Not especially when one is tied his upper jaw with lower jaw and cannot eat anything except liquid juices. The god -given nature of human faces are fragile. we are given with five scenes to take care of these fragile creation by the god. But there are times when  often one gets into an intimate nature of friendship and doesn't know his limitations to jokes. The pain i have had was really hard. It may seem funny to narrate whole incidences, but i admit that it is worth sharing since i have learnt a lesson.

It has been two days since i have had inter dental wiring cast within my mouth. I can neither eat nor talk properly with my friends as my upper teeth and lower teeth are perfectly immobilized, kept in same place to fix my jaw fracture. I missed Ema Dhatse, I missed my favorite steam of Broccoli, i missed rice and i missed sandwiches. Nevertheless i am lucky to feel that i don't feel like eating meat anymore as i have been vegetarian a few month before this accident. Yet i missed the ice creams that i used to take every Sunday with different faces of pretty girls in my favorite cafe "Ambient Cafe".

Now i am fed with juices. Probably for the good reasons my sister insisted me to drink organic drinks, rather than going for Thailand's Red Bull, and Carbonated Coca-cola. She provided me with packeted Lassee, orange juice, and fresh pick Litchi Juice. I go to school unfilled. I come back same. Although time to time drinking of so called Organic Juice helped it never filled me like the staple diet that i used to have. i see my friends talking, and i talked to them in silence, but that silence seem to make myself deafening. i was asked questions in the class. I tried to answer,  but when whole class laugh at your voice you don't seem to have any further progress.

I don't blame Penjor, for the incidences caused.  It was partly my fault too. I joked, and he returned. His return seem to bring more into effect than mine. Life seldom turn out at any minute but never have i had any regrets. I believe, pain and happiness are the mosaic of colors to which we call life. There are ups and downs, lighter days and darker sides. i know that every step i take mayn't be good to me. and i learnt to take up cautiously. i learn to value the lighter moments of life more for the few bad ones I have had. 

Funny.......the day i got my teeth wired, that night was birthday to one of my sisters sons.  They had cakes, chocolates, and sweets. Poor Tshewang, i was left unfed, not because of the people's cruelty because of my endurance that i have to stay wired. haha...**^^_**^^..
The next day i visited my aunts house, there they had a farewell party. unlucky me .. i could not eat anything again However i am detrimental to the fact that i 'll be alright three weeks later. Hopefully i'll be alright  after my long journey without my favorite dishes not served to my yawning stomach comes to an end........
I hope by then i might have an answer to what my teachers asked me in the class............
Perhaps by then it might be bit late for the questions to be answered.......


  1. well the good thing is u r reli gonna b enjoyin eating food after a long time..... in a week or so u ll be all set to chew.... so dont feel bad or nething.....Get well soon man.....


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