Morning pearls reflects the rays of the sun
Evening dew perceives the rays of the moon
And the loves of dews and moon
Are the perfect bond shared of boon.

                        When the fair rose in the bed blooms
                        The busy humming bees sings to dream
                        In the waves of sweet tune with a great hope
                        To welcome her super love.

The cloud dances over the heads in the sky
And trees dances on the ground everyday
the love between us is as strong as death
And that we behold is much worth
                     The couple bring their child with love and care
                     Till they become independent to eat and wear
                     And this is the universal love that we beget
                     From parent to children's pocket

Love is all divine had sown
In the tender heart of living and grown
To maintain world friendly and gay
By expelling antagonism and envy



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