I am not a potted plant

Yesterday, at last period; My English teacher taught us a factual lesson by giving a simple example. He started asking us with the differences we can see from comparing potted plant and the wild plant. All I can think of at first was they are both plants. They both give the same physical description and they were both plants of same species. However I realized that there are differences. “What could be the differences?" I thought, before i could speak any differences our sir, told us the differences.

The potted plant is being cared by the people. People water them, put fertilizers, and make is way so possible to look beautiful. They give flower which adds serenity of human beauty. On the other hand, the wild plants do not get any of those. All that they get is the water from rain, manure from the natural soil, and care from the Mother Nature itself. Yet both give the same flower no less. I took the scale from my bag, and made column for listing the differences. I listed all that my English teacher told me. The lists were becoming more and more.

As the list became more, the more intriguing became my curiosity for the differences. And that is where i noticed some moral differences between the two. The potted plant has lot of love and care from its owner. The wild plant doesn't. The potted plant is being spoon feed, whereas the wild plant is autonomous. The wild plant is carefree, and they do not depend on any other things except for Mother Nature. The potted plant however, depends a lot on people. If people do not take care of them, potted plants will die. More so if it is being kept in the wild. Potted plant is dependent whereas wild plant is not. Wild plant won’t die if it is brought in place of potted plant; neither would it if kept in the wild.

These factual reasoning were invincible truth. I found it a worthwhile to relate it to my life. I was born in 1991 when the southern Bhutan terrorism was on the verge of collapse. Being born to a poor farmer, all I knew when I was six, was that I have had five elder sisters, and two younger brothers. My mother and father was farmer and one can imagine how meager earning would be for farmers in those periods. And having to support their eight children was very hard for them. I was enrolled into school then, and was quiet happy until one day when my mother died. I was a potted plant then, my mother's death gave me a way to become more independent like wild plant. I was 13 years old then. I learned how to till soil with bull. My height was equal to the yoke of the set up then, and I still remember how i had a difficult time knowing to till the soil. It seemed that humanity was never humane.

Life turned a different turn then, maybe my luck was forwarding towards educational setting. Before I could become a normal farmer, I was again to get into school repeating my sixth grade. Since then, every winter I have had to work providing a manual labor to the Department of Road to sustain myself and my education. I took the refuge in the great Saint Jetsun Milarepa, thinking how he managed to get into Buddhahood. In my case though, relatives were pretty supporting. I took up my secondary education with full support from my teachers and my sister in Thimphu. It is difficult to comprehend what life exactly was like. However I believed in Socrates word, "When life doesn't know how to sing a song, it finds a philosopher to sing for itself".

And that is how I came to Thimphu. I am enjoying my days in prophetic school, plucking the very beautiful hibiscus for biology practical, with my potted classmates. I can easily get the information from the tips of my finger. It is exotic to change a life from once been cow boy to facebooking in Thimphu. I drew clear differences between one wild and 38 potted plant in my class. I could see one fact; I live in the world they are in so comfortably, but if reversed happen, I am pretty sure; my potted classmates would not even dare looking to the place where I came from. I call this life. I believe there are some more to be tasted in this potted world.


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