A bun in the Oven

"So you got Bun in the Oven?" asked Chencho as he takes a step closer to his most beloved naive waiting to see him. "Yes," replied Karma with her most beautiful smile surpassing all community bashed rumors and stress she holds within.  Her parents didn't confined within her the trust that she should tell them either. She was aware of how her furious father would burst into anger and lament over the silly mistakes. Her mother was not angel to her more so. There fore it was a war within herself to keep going with what time might bring her situation to. She knew what her neighbors would tell of mothering a fatherless child. Yet she knew it was just a matter of time. She was going to become a mother in few months time, but she never disclosed her secret to anyone. It was a classified secret within her vessels until she came by a man she thought was responsible.

"So what have you been doing all these time out of my life without telling me a pin head of what was happening, and why all of a sudden ??" Chencho tried to be gentle, but his facial cranium nerves failed  in covering up his debility in accepting himself a father. Karma was in absolute temperament; but she didn't show it. The hiccups dawning behind her spines, she asked, "Do you remember the last night we went out together?". Chencho nodded his head with resting chin over his clubbed hands. He was waxed and the utter discomfort felt over entire network of  neurons in his body and brain. He was aware of what happened that night. No remonstration issued from any of the sides. They were drenched. They couldn't talk. The flicker of sunlight under the eucalyptus dimmed each ones side. They gazed at each other binding with obstructions of their own knowing.

The eye was finally broken, when Chencho out of desperate hues said; "I wonder if it is a good idea to have the child aborted?" He blatantly issued the statement as that he knew somebody from nearby town of Jaigon who could help them. The facade of child seemed vague. Chencho couldn't imagine of what his family back home would bark him of. He was the most trusted man from his family and having a child even before his graduation would mean a lots of eavesdropping by his family and friends. He couldn't just imagine. But under no circumstances is Karma determined to throw away her child. No matter what, she would never let it happen. She was determined that harshness and cold  or for that matter pain and sorrow is just a matter of change in season. She was hopeful with her blissful eyes.  The argument stood still. Chencho wanted it his way; but Karma never in her slightest weakness was  drooping towards Chencho's faulty appraisal.

"It is okay kiddo, I am a man. I know I am responsible." He smiled wagging his shiny brown flute, a long one over his shoulder. The white collar shirt he wore didn't deter him the least. He stood marveling at what Karma had just brought in front of him. At the hindsight, it was inevitable that he was held responsible; but he had no other way to make it otherwise. Karma was relieved at last that her child has confronted with a good luck. Her half unbuttoned purple shirt waiver into air as she stood up to thank him. She wanted to give a tight hug to Chencho but her bulge belly wouldn't let the trick happen. She hold unto his hand, looked into his eyes and murmured some words of gratitude.

"Thank you, thank you so much!",The tears flown down. She tried raising her hind legs on her heels to reach to Chencho's height for a gratitude kiss. A swift moment over his cheek and she found herself smiling. She was happy for the first moment after her pregnancy. "I could bother less of what my friends and family tell now that I have a man to led by", she thought. She was wrong. She was committing for a marriage to which a man was not ready for."Will you be good to me in our married life?, she asked not knowing it would be the last question of her life. "You know I am a tough guy; I can hardly be nice to anyone, but I have always been sweet to you" She gave a fanatic lovely smile and was being sweetened more; "I always told you that your sweet side is always your best side". By this time, his flute had over ridden in his right hand with the grip of lions. He tried to be good and replied, "So I guess that is why you are the only one who has ever seen it". His grip tightened and Chencho knocked off  Karma with is only flute. She was dead instantly.

The next day Chencho was in room watching live BBS about a pregnant woman who had committed suicide under the eucalyptus tree. The police blamed her parents of their naivety, and media blamed government policies.  Chencho was oblivious; but he was guilt ridden. nobody knew anything about what happened that day. And Chencho was not keen in sharing to any of his mates and family either. The murder was concluded as suicide; the blame furbished towards the other ends; and Chencho escaped without a glitches of mourn, yet with bountiful of guilt.


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