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A Bad Example

A lot of people in Bhutan often choose modern songs and dance rather than venturing into the traditional dances and songs. Mostly this is due to the modernization or fashion as it may be described, but there is another reason, the people basically those who are into, (performers) seem to show what I called as “bad Example”. When in situation of formal gatherings like “International Youth Day”, guests comprising of his Excellency Lyonpo Thakur and international dignitaries should be treated with traditional shows or with level of professionalism (if modern), which the entertainers like “Happy Valley” lacks. Needless to say that my response is my own and maybe flawed from another’s perspective.

Their perspective between modern dance and traditional suggests that the later is the history preserved and the former the fashion, which I think is wrong in Bhutanese context. The theme for the celebration was “Sustainability; Our Challenge, Our Future” and certainly I found not sustainability …