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With his Red Robe in the Court

“If you work on sand for oil; you wouldn’t get any drop”, is the expression that I totally find astounding. This proverb is contrary to everything you hear from the other side.But there is more wisdom in that proverb. 
My father, with his red robes insisted to the court that we have a month long time to pay. His view comes from a broad perspective of wisdom he had inculcated in his lifetime, and a genuine concern to see his daughter do well. Therefore the complainant’s reaction, questioning his qualification and his daughter’s complacency over their money, is unfortunate one.  
The wisdom, an old man has cannot be compared. With passion from the opponents side, widened from his oblique smile combined with the genuine wisdom, has culminated the courtroom drama to its nearest possible resolution. 
“Merit of raising up a horse is its kick”, is the another expression I am truly confounded with. Yet it is one of the mosaics of lives which we ourselves seemed to be confined with. He explained …