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Broken Promises

The dark cloud with a silver lining made blissful Thimphu town  a dearer place to live in. Life to Kelden was a usual humdrum, plain and normal. Some might say she worked in a local bar. The living tensions grew as the capital geared up for the tobacco control act and the only premise she could go for smoke became her own toilet. In her blues she could call her childhood love Wangchen. A quirk  who can be nick among the tempting girls. He swayed for the gentleness of teenage fabrication that for lustrous Dechen  he became apple of her eye.

It seemed inevitable that Kelden couldn't continue her studies after she lost her only mother to a vicious cancer. The amber hearth-fire back in the village made her conscious of a better job in Thimphu. She seemed negligent about her own concern and was forced to smoke. The vulgar disparities cushioned for the betterment and she was left in a hallow past a bitter present and her future soured with every dawning day. There was no hope. And ever…

Are You Afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon

The two brothers, Andrew Kingsley and Tanner Kingsley owns a company. It is the largest think tank and the biggest commercial entities of the world. The brother both seems to be genius in every field and their company is being named as Kingsley Groups. However there draws certain differences between the two. Andrew wanted the company for the well being of the third world countries, while Tanner wanted it for fame and glory towards commercial purpose. Tanner had the ill feeling for his brother since childhood days as he used to be assumed as second Kingsley in every top every field. he hated his brother for it.

Tanner planned a conspiratorial murder to his own brother. Andrew unaware of such plan was working in the lab and not knowing that Tanner had made a small hole in in his gas mask. On evolving the poisonous gas Andrew fell on the ground, unconscious. he woke up in the hospital, with his mental bow that is not going to come back in this lifetime.

Tanner knowing the vest of power w…

A moment with Alice, Cinderella and Snow White

I woke up in the place unknown. the dark midnight hues is everywhere around me. From the far end below, the gushing river flows.  I gave the feeble attempt to walk, but i failed. From a distance, a light glimmer. My instinct told me without a second thought that i should be going to the place. "How did i come here ?, whats my name ?" All questions rushed into my mind yet the the answers seemed to be far from the call.
I walked towards the light through the confines of darkness to seek the answers for unknown questions. I came near the house, an old bungalow; its roof partly damaged. A door so old and the walls full of creeping tentacles of nature. It was a silent one; yet so deafening. My heart pumping more rapidly; undecided whether to go in or not. 
I climbed the walls to see if anybody is inside. Peeping through a hole i couldn't see anyone inside. I climbed down and then went by the doors to knock. Before the knock i made a feeble attempt to imagine what it could be…

Twisted Fate

Ugyen was walking home from her evening CE class. A deluded aroma refreshes her face as the light is first switched in her dark room. She then realizes she had not closed her bedroom window. A crimson curtain sways gently as if something is missing. She had it grasped and closed the window. A gush of breeze kissed her chicks as she lay tired from the class. No matter how dark the night, she saw the difference in her life that evening.
At a time rendezvous, the blackout happened. Thimphu didn’t shine in night as it used to. The radiant light has gone. In a darkened room she lay perplexed. She reached her hand for the prayer beads she had and was praying. Quietly had she grabbed the match box when she didn’t remember where she kept her candle. On her windowsill was an unlighted darted candle. She grasped it and was about to light it. The frail thin body of her made sure the candle was at its last stage.At the far corner on the desk was a half burnt photograph of a fine young man. Nestle…

Mosaic of Life - Love ...

It was graduate Orientation 2011. Desel was waiting at the far end of the line. She hopes for Sangay with her wistful eyes. Tandin, seeing Desel for some time alone, walked towards her. At the hindsight it seemed inevitable that Tandin and Desel have been friends since their high school. Desel’s presentiment was always a radiant light for Tandin. Deep down within Tandin felt Desel was the only reason he came into this world. His love for her was boundless. The dark winkling cloud in the sky showed an apt simile for the flinging emotions he had for Desel.
However the fate played a trick. After their high school, Tandin was sent to Sri Lanka, while Desel remained in India. Although distant, they felt happy to be on the same side of the globe. Tandin called her every day, wondering how she might be doing in her new college. He always made it s point to let her know how he really felt, anticipating that she might pick up what he tried to put across some day. He waited for the graduation. …