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The Queen and Little Kid

Off I ride the the life, and beauty I see. There are so many beautiful moments in life that we observe. And of so many; some are very special a dearer. I have always been felt blessed given an enormous amount of moments of bliss I have had. Just yesterday, was another one moment.
Baby Kezang is a small kid, probably around 7 years. I have known her for sometime; and been on with talks with her few times. As mart little kiddo, who would turn up any of your conversation to period. Not so long ago, I had a chance to take her out for ice cream with three other little kids. I gave them an icecream each; all of them, took their turn in taking the icecream without any complaint up until Baby Kezang popped up and said she is not having the same icecream and every body is having!. It took me long to convince her that there were no other icecream better.
Just few moments later; we got on with playing the characters. The first one wanted to be Cinderella. the second snow White; and the third …