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Is ‘Biomimicry’ a new solution to the sustainable world?

The world as we know now has advanced in our intelligence manifold. The contemporary scientists see our earth as the only livable planet in our galaxy. Distant to that is our sustenance as the very last surviving planet in the galaxy. We do not have the backup plan. Yet our oblivion keeps on with accelerated speed, disregarding the Mother Nature. “Mother Earth has everything for our need; but no patience for our greed”, (Inconvenient truth) Al Gore ’06.

We have conquered the planet. The industrialization as we see today as brought on a lot of changes unsurpassed by any other arenas of development. We have conquered Mars, gone under marine depth and explored our galaxies. We now know the existence of Black holes and the very nature of how our cells work in molecular levels. The nanotechnology is being developed with the aim that human should survive with no threats. The world as we see today has made profound achievements

Yet, we are still sleeping to the reality that we are part of …