A thinkable Paradox?

When I last visited my home; I was working on a project. A photography project that required me to take photos of the tourists hot spot places back home with the android application called "Smart_Torch Relay" in the frame. In the foremost having been selected among hundreds of other applicants to be a part of the freelance blogger crew to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games was in itself an honor. 

Come September 19 and the city of Incheon will see pool of athletes, sportsmen and game enthusiasts to take part in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Festival. In this 17th Asian Games festival is a specialty in the Torch Relay, having it made electronic and accessible to any one with android smart phone. Thus the promotion of the specialty is in itself an important part. 

Hence, in it's quest; as crew members were assigned, I embarked my journey towards number of historical sites in Thimphu as well as Paro. I took pictures of the tallest standing Buddha Statue in Kuensel Phodrang, the Thimphu view from the Kuenselphodrang park; The Taktshang or the Tiger's Nest in Paro, Kichu Lhakhang and some other places. Unfortunately on the day, the National Museum was closed! 

Anyways, that was what I did on the day! I was all alone. And on my way back to Thimphu from Paro I encountered a thinkable paradox! 

An old couple around there 70's stopped the taxi I was in. I passed them my genuine smile of gentleness as I do to every strangers I met my eyes with. The driver, apparently a middle aged man kept on playing with his Dramatic Hindi songs which I could barley understand. Thus an hour journey was thought to be excruciating pain; but wait; this old couple had something to offer. 

Meme Phuntsho calls on the driver to ask him how much he would be charged for the ride. The driver swiftly lowers the song volume to the decibels we all could hear and tell's him it's usual 200. Meme Phunstho looks passed the driver, towards me over the front seat and gives a wry smile. Then he asks his wife. Is it the car that they are riding or is it the money? His wife gives a shorty stand and adjust to the factual eyes that it is the taxi that they are riding and it can be rode without the money. He scoffed at her; and in his cynical tone tells her that she cannot be in the taxi if they didn't have the money. To which his stern wife tells him that sure she can take lift and ride on another car without having to to pay. Meme Phuntsho turns to me asks, how much would a cheapest car cost? 

I gave him the straight from heart answer telling him that with the latest tax increment it wouldn't be any less than three hundred thousands. He looks at his wife, and says again; "see, even if you take ride, it was bought by the money; this points out that we are actually riding on the money". 

I couldn't, but stay aghast, and was thinking since then. Is it the car that we are riding on? or Is it the Money? Or Is this within the framework of few unresolved paradoxes? 


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